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Writing Portfolio

Starting my Journalism course in 2014, I was encouraged to set up a blog so that my work could reach the largest audience possible, in an electronic format.


Blogging was something new to me, but after getting to grips with the concept of putting my work, and thoughts online, it was something that I found very easy to do.


I hope that you find my blog an interesting read, and not just about what I'm learning about on my course, but also about subjects that are importantly locally and the wider world.


I've had plenty of life experience to have opinions and thoughts on many subjects, and hopefully you will gain an insight into my world, my thoughts, and where I want to be following my graduation in 2017.


Thank you for taking the time to look at my pages, and I hope that you enjoy the content of my blog as much as I have enjoyed creating it.  The link to my blog is listed below.



Jools Oughtibridge - Wordpress Blog





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